Use the Electric Freeway SmartCharge charging platform for EV's.

Planning, setup, administration, support and payment for charging will be easy and efficient.

Charging in multi apartment garages and housing associations
Charging in multi apartment garages and housing associations

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Charging in multi apartment garages and housing associations

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Electric Freeway is a new player in the international EV charging market. We are currently supporting EV Charging customers in Norway and Denmark.  


Our company is composed of a group of very experienced people with a long and extensive background from the EVCI market (Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure). We have experience from development and delivery of advanced, cloud-based charging solutions, payment solutions etc.

Several of the people behind the company set up the first multi station, connected charging solutions for EV's already in 2015. This was in the EV's childhood in Norway, and Smart Charging integrated with intelligent computer systems was still new.


We had many ideas about what a modern system for safe, environmentally friendly, customer-friendly and user friendly EV charging should look like.


After several years of experience from various players in the EV and EVCI industry

we have learned a lot of lessons. We found together and established Electric Freeway in 2020 to share our knowledge with you.


We provide user-friendly charging solutions that are continuously developed and upgraded with new functions, and which can control and manage all types of charging stations both for system charging in larger garage facilities and fast charging in the public space.


We are independent of which supplier of charging stations / charging boxes or which electrical installer you want to use. Our charging platform works for the vast majority of charging boxes that follow established international standards and protocols such as OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol).

Customer service with fast, local support and follow-up is a fundamental part of our business idea.

Contact us today to arrange a charging chat or arrange a meeting with one of our charging specialists



Smart charging is the core of everything we do at Electric Freeway.


Our goal is to find smart ways to use modern charging technology, so that more people see the great benefits of driving electric without being sceptical of available infrastructure and capacity for charging their EV.


We have put together the best and most proven technology and the best support services for charging an EV in all types of charging systems, with great emphasis on it being easy, safe and clear for everyone who charges in apartment houses, multi-dwelling condominiums, company garages, public charging stations and other destinations.


We emphasize customer-friendly solutions with the use of our own Electric Freeway Smart App for charging users, and a web-based charging portal for those who own or want to manage their own charging systems.


Effective payment solutions with the use of credit / debit cards, RFID chip or ad hoc payment by card or SMS.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


Thank you!