Our Charging Services

Establish a new charging facility with SmartCharge

We do all the planning, configuration, start-up and operation of small and large charging facilities.

We can participate in the whole process together with the selected electrical installer for installation and supplier of charging boxes.

The Smart Charge platform ensures worry-free daily operation of the charging system.

We deliver solutions that are independent of which charging boxes or type of electrical infrastructure will be used in the charging system.   

Establish SmartCharge in an existing charging facility

The first charging facilities in housing cooperatives, company garages, parking garages, etc. were installed maybe 6-7 years ago. Many of these have now grown from small facilities with 4-5 chargers to become facilities with 30-50-100++ charging points.  If managing charging users, extensions of electrical capacity, support and payment has become a challenge, we can set up a new and modern charging management system in your existing charging system.

Services, project management, offer assessments

Evaluating solutions for electric car charging facilities e.g., in a housing cooperative or large garage can be complicated and demanding. Assessment of electrical capacity, choice of charging boxes, flexibility for future extensions and upgrades, as well as ensuring that the solution chosen does not lock you to a single supplier is demanding. We are a product-independent, competent partner who can assist in this work.

What is Electric Freeway SmartCharge?

Electric Freeway SmartCharge is a complete system platform (CSMS system, Back-End solution) for operation, administration, and support of modern EV charging facilities. In addition, we offer a full-service package that includes all operations, customer support, payment services, etc.

Just as a modern electric car is connected to the grid for various services and automatic updates of the software that powers the control systems, most modern charging boxes are also connected to the grid. Our solutions ensure that all chargers are always up to date with the latest updates and features.

The charging boxes require an underlying system (CSMS system or Back-end system) to monitor and control the charging processes, as well as support charging users and administrators via Smart App's and Web Portal.

In this system there is also measurement and payment for the consumption of charging current from the individual charging user.
Within the electric car and charging industry, standardization of how cars, charging boxes and the rear-lying system (charging platform) work together has been developed and established.


An example of this is the OCPP protocol that ensures that charging boxes and charging platforms communicate across manufacturers and technologies. (Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

In this way, a charging system that follows the OCPP protocol can also communicate with other charging platforms that follow the same standards. This ensures that you as the owner of a charging system are not locked-in to a single supplier of charging boxes and/or system services, but you can choose the one that offers the best solutions, the best customer service at the best price for the services offered.

See an overview of certified chargers.

ElectricFreeway SmartCharge

Electric Freeway cooperates with and is a dealer for the Norwegian software company Current Eco AS, which has been developing the SmartCharge concept since 2014.

With Norway as a world-leading mass market for electric cars, we are constantly at the forefront of development, including internationally.  

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